Embracing Feminine Power

Insightful, creative and transformational coaching for professional women who are re-aligning their lives and answering new callings in midlife and beyond.



I may be the right coach for you if:

  • you would like to tell your story and have someone help you to decipher your key themes and gifts
  • you would value a precious opportunity to weave old ‘battle scars’ into a new tapestry of wisdom, beauty and significance
  • you are approaching or in the “Queen” stage of your life. (between the Mother and Crone stages) You know that it is time to step into the power of your fullest expression and you want to step out of your own way
  • relational dynamics and patterns seem to get in the way of ‘managing your realm’ and cause you to burn out

When you work with me, you are invited into a sacred space, where you can re-charge your spirit, heal your soul and re-connect with your heart’s deep longings.

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More about the women I work with

I work with professional women who have life experience, qualifications and wisdom to offer. As they look ahead, they want their ‘wisdom years’ to feel purposeful and fulfilling.

The problem that my clients usually have is trouble clarifying their next step.

Their vision may be too vague. They may lack confidence and support. Or, existing responsibilities and commitments may take precedence over their personal ambitions.

Often, they report feeling valued for the wrong things by others. (i.e. maybe for being competent and responsible but, not for the other qualities that would make them feel seen and heard.)

As a result, some feel a little burned out.

If this is you, its time to engage a coach to show you the way out and the way forward including:

  • how to re-connect with those under expressed parts of you
  • how to decipher a new calling
  • how to re-negotiate relationships
  • how to weave your qualifications and life experience into a new contribution that will provide ongoing fulfilment.

You have a journey to take. It needs time. It needs support. It needs a renewal of energy.

My programmes help you to discover what is most meaningful and significant to you now and at the same time address patterns that no longer work for you.

Please visit the Embracing Feminine Power Ashram. Here you will find details of my transformational coaching offerings.


My motivations for this work flower from a long history of interest in the areas of life purpose and callings and a dedication to all those who seek to express their gifts through meaningful work.

I have also been on a path of exploring the Feminine for 25 years. I have a lot to offer on what this means for women, for relationships and for our world.

I have trained in leading edge processes to bring to you the best transformational tools and techniques. Not only do the tools I use work, I can explain why and how if you need to know.

My geographical location is Farnham, Surrey, UK.

I offer tranformational coaching via Skype or Zoom to suit most time zones.

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