Transforming Carnal Knowledge to Divine Wisdom

Carnal desires, rarely out of the news, made potent headlines in 2017. It’s time for the Divine Masculine to be understood.


A topic that has been ‘on simmer’ throughout centuries of patriarchy reached its boiling point this year.




First, eyebrows were raised over President Trump’s inappropriate comments. And women marched to protest his election.
More recently, the ‘me too’ movement has drawn a line with regard to sexual manipulation by those in positions of power.
Hot on the heels of that drama, the UK Defense Secretary, Michael Fallon, resigned over accusations of sexual misconduct.
The first step in any transformation is to bring what is hidden, denied or avoided into the open.
Thanks to social media, secrecy has become difficult.
A behaviour that has been normalized in the past is no longer acceptable.
That much is clear.
We also know that the repression of ‘carnal desires’ doesn’t work.  Sanctions don’t work. 
There is one solution that is genuinely transformative. That solution amounts to a transformation of the patriarchal paradigm in which such behaviours have been normalised.

The world seems to be struggling with what I would call right relationship between Masculine and Feminine right now. Patriarchy has done its best to de-power the Feminine.

However, as I see it, patriarchy limits the potential of men just as much as it does women.

We’ve been presented with an authoritive, abusive, ‘power over’ framework.

Men, as well as women, have been denied knowledge of the true roles of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. 

shodashiWhat I love most about the Indian tantric traditions is that the metaphor and art are illustrations of right relationship between Masculine and Feminine.
Yes, much of the imagery is erotic. But it’s not meant to be interpreted through the lens of carnal desire. 

The Feminine Herself is the transformative force. She is inter-dependent with the Divine Masculine.

He is the necessary containing, supporting and stabilising function required by the Feminine creating, transforming, moving expression.

Elevated from carnal knowledge to divine wisdom these images speak of the potential of every man and woman.

Yes, its time for women to draw the line. It’s also time for men to support them. This is about collective transformation, which is not just a women’s issue.

To learn more please read The Feminine Quest

© Cathy Rowan 2017


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