The Feminine Quest

I’m calling to women to join me on a transformational leadership journey to right relationship between Masculine and Feminine energies.


The world needs better gender balance in leadership roles.

But, even more, it needs both women and men in leadership who have ‘tamed and trained’ both their inner Masculine and inner Feminine capacities.

The key to this, I believe, is understanding what I call ‘right relationship’ between Masculine and Feminine.

For professional women who’ve been conditioned to an over emphasis on masculine qualities in leadership, this is a Feminine Quest.

I’m moved by the timeless understanding of Masculine and Feminine as found in non religious, non patriarchal esoteric traditions.

You will find this understanding in the I Ching. You will find this understanding in the Tarot. You will find it in shamanic traditions. You will find it in Gnostic teachings. You will find it in Shiva and Parvati’s dialogue in the Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

The inner Masculine and Feminine functions are interdependent. The esoteric formula for right relationship is Fire under Water. In other words, the masculine principle (containing, protecting, stabilising) serves and supports the feminine principle (creating, transforming, moving)

A misunderstanding of these energetic truths creates a type of ‘glass ceiling’ in our bodies and psyches.

Among the Hermetic Principles are the statements ‘as above, so below’ and ‘as within, so without.’

Quantum physics agrees with the ancient understandings of the laws of energy.

The world is your mirror.

If there are ‘glass ceilings’ in our organisations, there are ‘glass ceilings’ in each of us.

By all means campaign to change the world. But please make sure that you make those changes within too.

Would you like to break your ‘glass ceiling’ and open the doorway to your greatest potential and contribution?

If this topic excites you, please send me a note of introduction, after which we’ll arrange a free of charge chat to discuss whether working together is the right step.

When you work with me, you will benefit from the fruits of my journey. Your requirements will be discussed, and a programme that matches your needs will be agreed.

The Feminine Quest is an adaptation, for women, of the Transformational Leadership Journey.

It’s minimum 8 week foundation. The integration of transformation takes time. You may prefer a 3 month (renewable commitment.)

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