The Significance Quest

The Significance Quest uses the powerful tools of Awakening Coaching, a transformational approach to realising potential in work and relationships.

Significance Quest coaching is for those that are interested to be coached by me but are not looking for full transition support, available through the True Significance Adventure.

You will set objectives that are achievable within an 8 week time period These may focus on work, relationships or both.

Significance QuestMostly, I work with clients in midlife (which, according to some researchers, stretches from your 40’s into your mid 70’s!).

Typically, my clients are educated men and women with professional backgrounds. Often they¬†have gone through some type of mid-life crisis and are in the process of casting off ‘old skins’ and exploring new possibilities.

An 8 week programme includes:

  • ten hours of one to one coaching
  • additional daily Radical Releasing
  • between session practices to support the changes you are looking to make
  • daily progress report. You are held by daily contact, which supports the coaching process and enables between session progress.

Awakening Coaching approaches your deep desires for contribution and self expression from a perspective of mindfulness and self awareness.

As you feel more aligned with your gifts and the purpose that flows through you, you experience a greater sense of freedom and faith in the unfolding future.

dreamstime_xs_49311914The Significance Quest

  • Get in touch with your deepest longings so that you can clarify and prioritise your life objectives
  • Determine your unique gifts and the contribution that is uniquely yours
  • Experience Radical Awakening and know, without doubt, the difference between the power of your true self (and the guiding power that arises from it) vs. your conditioned persona
  • Release the points of view that may be holding you back through a powerful Radical Releasing process
  • Develop a supportive daily practice

Contact me to arrange your free of charge Exploratory session.

I trained as an Awakening Coach with Arjuna Ardagh, founder of Awakening Coaching and author of a number of books on clear seeing and transpersonal perspectives. My work is supervised through an ongoing mentoring programme.

About Cathy

My geographical location is Farnham, Surrey UK. Usually, I work via Zoom or Skype so that you have a recording of your coaching sessions.