Inner Peace for Busy People


dreamstime_xs_51454379As human beings we are wired to experience deep longings for freedom, for love, for meaning and for inner peace.

Often, our reality is different. Most people have busy minds. Inner peace is highly elusive!

High levels of anxiety, addictions and relationship conflict plus bombardment with more information that we can process, can keep a person in emotional states that inhibit inner peace.

Successful, professional people are not immune. Competence does not guarantee contentment.


You want a fulfilling life. You want to leave a legacy. You want to get to ‘the end of the road’ without regret. You want satisfying relationships. You want to feel good about yourself.

And you have probably wanted this your entire adult life.

Were you like me? I was going to live a perfect life. Yes, I thought I was smart enough to create that.

I was going to find the right job and the right partner. I was going to earn the money I needed to travel and live in my dream house.

I was idealistic. I also thought I had more power to control outcomes than turned out to be the case.

My favourite book, as a teenager, was Aldous Huxley’s Island. Maybe I picked a copy up in the bookstore when I bought Brave New World, which was required reading at school. There’s no ‘big brother’ in Island, which is Huxley’s vision of utopia. I liked it much better.

Of course, my life didn’t turn out to be quite so perfect and utopian as I planned.

I was lucky with my work and found a satisfying career. I was able to buy a house and travel in my 20’s. But, I had to face a health issue that I didn’t expect. And, my relationships didn’t go according to plan either. In fact, they were my personal ‘accident black spot’!

A healing journey was fuelled by wanting to understand ‘what went wrong’, ‘what was wrong with me’ and ‘why couldn’t I find the right person.’

Thankfully, I was more prone to self enquiry than I was to bolstering my youthful ego. Over time, I learned about energy and attraction. Nothing was wrong with me. But, there was some work to do to transform the patterns that were at the root of the unhealthy relationship dynamics.

I’ve understood my previous co-dependent patterns now…..and why I got hooked into more than one situation of emotional abuse…. and the connection between my emotional patterns and the health issue.

Eventually, I came to understand that ‘the beloved’ is not a perfect match found outside. It’s an inner connection, found in my own heart.

Have you come to this conclusion yet?

If not, let’s have a chat. I offer a free of charge Exploratory Session, in which I listen to your story and we decide whether working together would be a good fit.

What if I could guide you to an experience of freedom and inner peace? And what if the expression of this through your work and relationships becomes your new definition of fulfilment?


This discovery does not take long with a well-guided process. It can be a life changing realisation. Once this discovery is made, orientation changes. You live in a different paradigm.

In this paradigm it is easier to resolve emotional and mental reactive patterns and return to inner peace. Inner peace begins to be the new set point and anxiety the anomaly.

I would love to introduce you to transformational processes that could impact your life in a positive way, enhancing your fulfillment. Inner peace is possible, even for busy people!

There is a wonderful, leading edge, coaching process that works for people that don’t need therapy but, do recognize that the journey of growth continues throughout life.

If you have more to give and think you might be at a threshold of change, Awakening Coaching could be for you.

Contact me for a free of charge Exploratory Session to learn more and discover whether I am the right coach for you and whether the right time is now.

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