Forget resolutions. Consider mastery!

January 2017 Newsletter 

Happy New Year!


Forget resolutions. Consider mastery!

A few days ago, standing under the shower (where I often receive insights), I realised that the word resolutions doesn’t quite do it for me.

At this point I am more interested in orienting my life around the word mastery.

The other side of the coin of the ‘letting go’ theme of 2016 that I spoke of in my last newsletter, was what I worked towards mastering.

Here is the example from my life. I’m wondering whether you also took a journey of mastery last year or will commit to one in 2017?

Back in 2015, I decided that my work offerings needed a radical update if I was to help any more than the small number of people I was reaching by teaching meditation, qigong and offering associated mentoring/life coaching.

My philosophy is ‘your life is your path.’ Spiritual practice that is not accompanied by outer actions lacks power. Outer actions without spiritual perspective lack meaning. Do you agree?

I knew I wanted to up level my coaching work. Awakening Coaching offered the advanced skills I was looking for. I spent 2016 taking progressive steps to master this approach and experience its transformative effects in my life. Awakening Coaching blends the best of modern coaching tools with non dual spiritual wisdom and quantum understandings. And – all in user friendly language!

The new foundation established, I intend to spend 2017 mastering the art of modern marketing so that I can serve a larger number of people in effective ways.

What will you master in 2017?

New Foundations

During my years of practice of Chinese and Indian yogic (i.e. non religious) traditions, I have been deeply inspired by the wisdom of the Five Elements.

I hope the following teaching offers food for thought on your journey of mastery in 2017.

In the non dual Indian (and Tibetan) wisdom traditions, the Five Elements are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Space is the element from which the others arise as aspects. The Five Elements represent the building blocks of the entire manifested universe, including the human body, its thoughts and its emotions.

There is no good and bad or positive and negative applied to the body/mind in the non dual traditions. The orientation is towards either obstruction or flow.

As we enter a new year, we might be wise to reflect on the Earth element, which is associated with foundations. Here’s a short summary of Earth element associations. Check your tendency towards any obstructed orientations that could sabotage what you intend to master in 2017.

Obstructions to an element are created by fear. The fear that underlies Earth obstructions is insubstantiality. This fear tends to arise after an experience of the ‘rug being pulled from under your feet.’ Of course, many felt this last year following the Brexit vote and the US election.

Arising out of these surprise results were feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. To counteract this the individual (and collective) fear based persona leans towards strategies that re-store a sense of solidity (individual) or solidarity (collective).

Pride, territorialism and solidification of a stance together with behaviours of entitlement or control or obsession are some ways in which humans attempt to counteract the sense of lack, impoverishment, and need that can accompany insecurity. Or it can be the opposite – pretence of no need leads to deprivation, retraction and maybe isolation/self sufficiency. Actions of unsolicited giving, giving away or hoarding may occur but do not provide the security or validation that is unconsciously sought.

Authentic generosity, the wisdom associated with the Earth element, requires a different type of self understanding and relationship to uncertainty. There will always be uncertainty and impermanence in the material world. But it is possible to remain grounded in a way that lessens the impact of the shifting sands and enables appropriate response.

The liberated qualities of the Earth element – equanimity, contentment and stability – become established with spiritual maturity. The embodiment of these qualities is no small achievement.

The conditions of uncertainty in the world may serve to show us where our embodiment is lacking. It is particularly important for those of us that work in some way as change agents to question our obstructions and acquire supportive tools that enable our journey towards self mastery.

If you’d like to discuss how my offerings can serve you in 2017, I’d be glad to have a chat.

Book now for a free of charge exploratory session if interested in my approach to clearing your path towards mastery in 2017.

About Cathy

Cathy Rowan is a coach, guide, mentor and mystic. She has lived ‘in the world’ as a professional woman and mother, as well as being a devoted practitioner of wisdom traditions. She has trained in Awakening Coaching with Arjuna Ardagh and in the Indian wisdom yoga traditions with Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati.

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