Feminine Significance


Feminine Significance is for ‘Third Age’ women who are exploring the power and possibility of the menopausal and post menopausal years.

In many cultures, these years have been revered as a passage to the full expression of power and wisdom for a woman.

But, this stage of life is rarely presented in such a positive way for western women.

However, times are changing.

Most professional women are aware that they have been trained to adopt behaviours that are skewed more towards the masculine energy end of the spectrum. For most women, this is far from ideal.

In fact, for anyone, male or female, it is far from ideal to be operating from a conditioned persona that is not in accord with their natural energy balance.

It places a ‘glass ceiling’ on your possibility and potential. And, there can be adverse health consequences.

I know as a result of personal experience…..

Many years ago, after burning out as the only woman manager in the department of the management consulting firm I worked in, I realised that the source of my problem lay in being educated and trained to work like a man.

I didn’t understand the significance of the Feminine principle. Nor, had I received any education on the subject of masculine and feminine energies.

I had not yet worked out that my success and significance in life were not dependent on a job title or my mastery of behaviours and qualities that were better suited to male bodies.

Eventually, I handed in my notice in order to take time out for a personal journey. At the time, I didn’t think of it as a valid need for healing and re-balance. All I knew was that I could no longer do my job in accordance with my own high standards. I didn’t want to let my colleagues or my coaching clients down.

Initially, I took interest in the humanistic psychotherapies, yoga and also Taoist philosophy. I realised that my ‘glass ceiling’ was to do with the body and its emotions. (This was back in the 90’s. Mind/body modalities were not mainstream.)

To cut a 25 year story short, my journey has never ended. (Of course!) After becoming a mother (to a daughter) my interest focussed more on the Feminine. I found a lot of guidance in the pursuits I’ve already mentioned. Those were great foundations for learning more about energy, women’s shamanism and to curiosity about tantra.

Well, there was a lot to cut through on that journey before finding what I was looking for. Then, in 2007, I found an Indian, female teacher who had devoted her life to the practice of the Shakta (Feminine) tantra yoga traditions. These non commercial teachings have remained free of patriarchal overlay. I have remained a student of hers ever since.

Through my commitment to these teachings, I began to understand the deeper meaning of Feminine and Masculine imagery in tantric metaphor and art. The Feminine represents power in these traditions. The implications are game changing.

I have been blown open by the magic, mystery and wisdom that is available to those that seek it.

If you are interested in what I say and would like to speak to me, please contact me and we will set up a no obligation phone call (or Skype/Zoom). This is a free of charge meeting to discuss whether working together would be a good fit.

Depending on your interests, I can either mentor you as you learn Feminine practices or, you could consider a coaching programme. For women, both my Significance Quest and True Significance programmes can be tailored specifically to women’s needs and concerns.

When you work with me, you will benefit from the fruits of my journey. Your requirements will be discussed, and a programme that matches your needs will be agreed.

In summary:

If you would you like to break the ‘glass ceiling’ on your life. If you long for the beauty of your Feminine essence to find its fullest and most significant expression. If you know it’s time to drop the ‘old skins’ that no longer work for you. Please write or call.


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