Embracing Feminine Power


The Embracing Feminine Power coaching programme supports ‘third act’ women as they follow a soul calling to step into new ways of serving others.

The ‘third age’ of life for a woman comprises the post childbearing years. Menopause has been considered to be a potential passage to power and wisdom in myth and esoteric traditions.

Potential does not mean the passage is easy. Vulnerabilities come to the fore whenever a person steps into the unknown. This is especially true if others around them neither value the same things nor hold the same standards of integrity about the use of power.

Out of self protection, women often fall into default, conditioned, masculine ways of being and doing.

Often there is healing work to do, specifically of the heart, the centre of Feminine power.

Embracing Feminine Power is about having the support and the tools to develop your innate, authentic, transformational, feminine capacities to maturity. 

My programme delivers the most illuminating teachings and practices I have found on my journey. For the last 25 years I have sustained a commitment to the Feminine. I’ve sought Her in myth, astrology, shamanism and the eastern tantric wisdom tradition.

While my offering is based on my deep practice, it’s tailored specifically to your unique situation, gifts and challenges. It incorporates the wonderful tools of Awakening Coaching.

During the coaching we will transform the obstacles that stand in the way of your ability to claim your Feminine birthright and live your purpose. The world needs wise women and wise men who embody the so-called ‘inner marriage’ of masculine and feminine. It’s time for those of us that feel the call to step into wisdom leadership.

With the support and understanding that may be missing elsewhere in your life, the shift that you know you must make stops looking like a mountain to climb. It becomes a more gentle journey filled with ease, flow and grace.

Awaken to the power and possibility of the Feminine through my individually tailored Embracing Feminine Power Coaching Programme.

If you think you may be ready to work with me, please book a free of charge Exploratory Session. Receive both wise guidance on the steps you need to take and validation of your soul’s journey.

Your coaching programme includes:

  • One to one coaching
  • Recorded meditations and practices tailored specifically for you
  • Your unique Feminine Power Signature report with guidance for realising potential
  • Radical Releasing of limiting beliefs and points of view
  • Tools for understanding emotional cycles and knowing what to do when stuck in stories, resistance or reactivity
  • Understanding the role of the Masculine in relation to the Feminine and the best strategies for you to find balance

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