Embracing Feminine Power


The Embracing Feminine Power workshop supports women to reap the benefits of menopause as they follow the calling to step into a new phase of life.

Menopause has been considered to be a potential passage to power and wisdom in myth and esoteric traditions. Potential does not mean the passage is easy.

Vulnerabilities come to the fore whenever a person steps into the unknown. This is especially true if others around them neither value the same things nor hold the same standards of integrity about the use of power.

Out of self protection, women often fall into default, conditioned, masculine ways of being and doing.

It is time to heal the heart. Without such healing, feminine ‘womb power’ is expressed in distorted ways.

Embracing Feminine Power is about having the support and the tools to develop your innate, authentic, transformational, feminine capacities to maturity. 

For the last 25 years I have sustained a commitment to the Feminine. I’ve sought Her in myth, astrology, shamanism and the eastern tantric wisdom traditions.

During this workshop, you will benefit from the fruits of my journey including:

  • a mandala or map that will help you to understand the obstacles that stand in the way of your ability to claim your Feminine birthright and live your purpose.
  • a practice that assists with the dismantling of old patterns
  • the route for ongoing support so that the changes you want to make can be come a gentle journey filled with grace rather than a seemingly awkward uphill climb!

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