Cupid’s arrows of desire and aversion

Cupid is preparing for his busiest month (and no doubt his most entertaining).

As he stocks his quiver with the arrows of DESIRE and AVERSION, I have a few reflective words that may help if you are (or have been) the recipient of one of his more troublesome darts.

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Cupid – and Valentine’s Day – are usually associated with romantic attractions.

Why would sweet, cherubic Cupid carry arrows of aversion as well as arrows of desire?

Desire and aversion are the 2 poles on the energy spectrum of attraction.

You may have experienced swinging from one pole to the other.

On the one hand, involvement is compelling. But, the other hand rings a bell of warning……

Perhaps Cupid tries to help us learn to discriminate between those attractions that are healthy for us and those that are not in our best interests.

I suspect he shoots his karmic arrows with great accuracy, drawing together those with complementing energy patterns.

After all, he’s an immortal god. He’s been developing his skills since the beginning of time!

It also occurs to me that given his eternal nature, he must need an endlessly entertaining hobby or occupation…..

What could be more entertaining than ‘watching from the gods’ (pun intended) as human unfold their unconscious, karmic dramas on the world stage?

Please don’t ignore that warning bell. I hope these tips from my own mortal experiences are helpful:

  • Stay awake! Take careful note of what unfolds.
  • It’s not what you attract that is the problem. It’s how you react and what you allow that creates the problems.
  • You don’t have to ‘play the game’ but you will need to identify the game being played if you want to shift your karmic destiny. Only then will you be able to ‘cut ties’ and neutralise the energetic charge of attraction to similar dynamics in future.

Enjoy the ‘month of love’!

p.s. If you are a woman who tends to burn out in relationships, take a look at this.

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