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Awakening Coaching with Radical Releasing is a transformational coaching method that incorporates timeless spiritual wisdom and quantum understandings.

We start work with your known challenges. But the biggest shifts come from revealing, through the coaching process, what is not known to you yet.

Intrigued? I invite you to book a free of charge Exploratory Session. Let’s have a chat. Taste the power of Awakening Coaching to bring forth your courage and dissolve your challenges.

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Awakening Coaching:

I work via the internet (Zoom or Skype usually). Therefore, your location will not be a limitation.

Exploratory Session

This is a free of charge session for you to experience the power of Awakening Coaching. Gain insight. Be inspired. Receive ideas on how to move forward.

Book a free of charge Exploratory Session

Discovery Package

The Discovery Package is delivered as two ninety minute coaching sessions. Develop and deepen the results of your Exploratory Session to experience a breakthrough. We will work on one of your desired outcomes to shift what stands in the way.

Your investment is £250. Book

Mini Retreat Days

Mini Retreat Days are available in conjunction with packages.

The day is designed according to your interests and needs, as determined through our coaching connection. It will be a combination from my ‘menu’ which includes: meditation, qigong, coaching, shamanic healing and contemplative walks in the countryside. It’s a great day for powerful shifts!

i.e. your package may include Discovery Package plus Mini Retreat. Or, you may exchange coaching sessions for a mini retreat if on the Clarity Programme.

Clarity Programme

My three month Clarity Programme is one to one Awakening Coaching with a high level of additional support including supervised practices, recorded meditations, Radical Releasing and email support. We will agree a set of objectives that become the guidelines for our work together.

The acronym ACCESS describes aspects of the work we may do together.

  • Align – with authentic presence. Be reminded of who you are!
  • Clarify – your soul’s calling and unique gifts. Be reminded of why you are alive!
  • Connect – to your personal power ‘sweet spot’. Improve your management of energy.
  • Embrace – new approaches as you dissolve limiting points of view. Be the change.
  • Step up – to a new level of service.
  • Surrender – to intuitive guidance and release attachment to specific outcomes.

After three months we set new objectives if you wish to continue your coaching relationship with me.

Embracing Feminine Power Programme

This is a six month journey for women. The programme begins with diagnostic work.

  • where you are in life now and where you have aspirations to go
  • your Sacred Feminine Wound imprint and how it operates as a hidden saboteur

We will determine your awakened feminine power signature and design a supportive structure of practices for its development. You will receive support to bring your awakening into your relationships and your work. More info.

I look forward to working with you.

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About me

My geographical location is Farnham, Surrey, UK