Awakening Coaching

  • Spiritual wisdom without the religion or the ‘woo woo’
  • Success in terms of personal fulfilment and realisation of your heart’s deepest longings
  • How to deal with the fears and limiting beliefs of the mind and connect to inner guidance in a reliable way

Is something inside of you shouting ‘STOP’ with regard to one or more aspects of your life? Maybe the life that you have been living is not a good fit for your authentic self. Or, you may simply have reached a new threshold in life. Is something new beckoning to you – even though you may not be clear on the details?

Stepping into the unknown can be very scary. The costs may seem high. But so, potentially, are the rewards. Imagine a life lived with integrity – in answer to deep callings, in service, in flow, expressing your unique gifts….

If you are determined to shed an old skin and find what life is calling you towards, I’d love to guide you through this time of uncertainty to a successful outcome that is right for you.

WelcomeHello and welcome. I’m Cathy Rowan, an awakening coach, mentor, guide and mystic.

I look forward to speaking with you personally if what I say resonates with you and might be what you are searching for.

My clients, caught in the energies of some sort of shift, are considering their options for the future. Most are interested in personal growth but not all would identify as being ‘spiritual people.’ Purpose driven would seem to be the best description.

Often they have tried to move forwards on their own but have come to understand that their existing ‘operating system’ requires some sort of upgrade for new territory.

Is this you? If so, it’s possible that you are stuck in doubt or feelings of insignificance or confusion. Or maybe you feel unsupported or misunderstood? Or maybe you worry that you might have ‘missed the boat’?

Working with a coach, your path will come into sharper focus. You will have the support and guidance that can make the difference between success and failure as you navigate through a transition.

Will you ‘saddle your horse’ and ‘pack your provisions’? Sharpen your intent to take this journey that is waiting for you!

I’m waiting. I know this path. I’ve taken it and continue to do so.

You can contact me for a friendly chat to discover whether I am the right guide for you and whether the right time is now.

During this free of charge consultation, we will work out whether my Spiritually Empowered Success programme is a good fit for you.

Here’s a preview of what you will get from the programme:

  • understand your situation from an awakened perspective
  • be supported through difficulties
  • learn to attune to what emerges, rather than trying to control outcomes
  • make decisions and clarify your direction
  • identify the vehicle through which your unique gifts can be brought to the world
  • identify sabotaging influences and take actions
  • clear inner resistance
  • address imbalances of masculine/feminine energy

Awakening Coaching has a framework and clear outcomes. But, each client’s process is a little different. You will get the time, space and support that you need. It’s very much one to one with high access to me – not workbook/video based offerings.

Let’s have a chat. Get a feel for what it might be like to have me supporting you. I offer a free of charge exploratory session so that we can discuss whether Awakening Coaching and working together would be a good fit.

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