dreamstimefree_194154The unfolding of True Significance, which I define as the full expression of any individual’s unique design and gifts, is a journey of honouring the callings of the soul.

However, as most mature adults know, the responsibilities and commitments that life calls us to accept often require the sacrifice of personal passions.

Nevertheless, at a certain point in life, those responsibilities and commitments either change in nature or end. And, we find that we are called to change, in order to make a successful transition into the next stage of life and meet the challenge of embracing whatever it is that infuses our life with meaning and purpose now.

If this is you, among all the feelings that endings and change bring, you are likely asking ‘what’s next?’

Might you be one of my clients? 

Most of my clients are in their 50’s and 60’s and have a history of being responsible for others – as a parent, partner, business owner or leader of a team.

They may have built a good life and been highly valued by others in their various roles. But, either those roles are coming to an end or, they know that it’s time to release the past and step into a new phase of life and contribution.

dreamstime_xs_26474796If this is you, it’s time to ask yourself what is meaningful and significant to you.

Have your responsibilities caused you to bury passions that are now calling to be heard?

Although something new seems to be calling you forward, are you struggling to feel into exactly what that is, wondering whether it is viable and if so, what actions you must take?

Are you wondering if you’ve ‘missed the boat’ or that ‘you are too old’ or that you are ‘not ready yet?’ 

Please click on the links below to learn more about the three ways in which I serve people:

True Significance Coaching Journey – This is my signature programme for professional men and women in their 50’s and 60’s who are asking ‘what’s next?’ Many are questioning the previous generation’s model of retirement. But, as they look ahead to uncharted territory, they need a map to help them to navigate a life transition.

Awakening Coaching – This is a shorter programme with a focus on determining the nature of, and then breaking through, a ‘glass ceiling’ that is limiting progress in one of more areas of life.

Workshops – Mindfulness and movement for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is necessary to give attention to the body, and to your management of energy, in order to maintain the vitality needed for the contribution you most want to make. Workshops complement coaching or can be taken as separate study.

CathyIs it time to discover true significance and step into the power of your fullest expression?

Work with me

My geographical location is Farnham, Surrey, UK. Coaching consultations are usually via Skype or Zoom so location is not a limitation. I offer sessions at times to suit most time zones.