….to my Awakening Coaching boutique for Spiritually Empowered Success.

Do you sense that you at the edge of a new phase in life?

Something inside you shouts ‘STOP’ with regard to the old life. But you may not be clear about what you are moving towards – or how to do so.

As you consider whether it is time to draw a line and hire some help, it is likely that you will not be feeling as empowered, as successful or as ‘in flow’ as you might like. This is normal when you sit between an old and a new place in life.

Coaching begins with the life issue that you present. Every client has a story and some challenges to overcome.

Who are you? What are your deepest longings?

This is where we start. We move on, focussed on your objectives, identifying your unique gifts and clearing the path towards the life that is calling to you.

Spiritually Empowered Success

…..is accelerated through a transformational process that enables the release of sabotaging influences. It also clarifies and supports the steps you must take to bring your outer life into alignment with who you are and what you have to offer.

WelcomeHello. I’m Cathy Rowan, a coach, mentor, guide and mystic.

I look forward to speaking with you personally if what I say resonates with you and might be what you are searching for.

My clients, caught in the energies of some sort of shift, have often felt misunderstood or undervalued by others around them. Most have tried to move forwards on their own. But, despite their best attempts, they have found themselves taking detours. In the process they may be doubting themselves. Sometimes, feelings of insignificance take hold and cause them to think of abandoning their dreams.

Is this you? Do you resonate with these feelings? Are you feeling confused, uncertain or lost?

I’d love to shine a light on your true path. Get your horse saddled, your provisions packed and sharpen your intent to take this journey that is waiting for you.

Transitional territory is best traversed with a guide that knows the ground and has maps to share.

I offer a fully supported Spiritually Empowered Success Coaching programme. During this journey of discovery you will:

  • understand your situation from an awakened perspective
  • be supported through difficulties
  • strengthen the spiritual ‘muscle’ you need to survive and thrive in a period of uncertainty and instability
  • make decisions and clarify your direction
  • identify the vehicle through which your unique expression of wisdom can be brought to the world
  • identify sabotaging influences and take actions
  • clear inner resistance

Further info

Programmes have a framework and clear outcomes. But each client’s process is a little different. You will get the time, space and support that you need. It’s very much one to one with high access to me – not workbook/video based offerings.

Let’s have a chat. Get a feel for what it might be like to have me supporting you. I offer a free of charge strategy session to help you to clarify the challenges you face and hear more about how I can help. 

Situations where my Spiritually Empowered Success process has been successful include:

Mr. R – was in an LTR but his partner did not share his spiritual interests and was much more material in outlook. She wanted security. He wanted a journey. He was feeling frustrated. His attempts to change the status quo and invite exploration had been resisted. His question – should he stay or go? If he stayed was there a way to deepen the level of intimacy? Spiritually Empowered Relationships

Mr. C – was more interested in a part time venture he was experimenting with than with his long term profession. He had been undertaking trainings with the intention of starting a new business. But now, his age and questions of financial security were causing him to question whether he had missed the boat. His question – is it too late? Is this a genuine calling? Spiritually Empowered Success

Ms B – was a busy woman with her own business, a partner and a child. She was also on a spiritual journey. Her question – how to find time for her spiritual practice and achieve inner peace amid the busyness? How could she align her life with her path and move forwards from a Feminine perspective? Spiritually Empowered Woman

Ms A – was considering taking early retirement following a successful career. She wanted to find a satisfying new occupation, using her skills and wisdom. However, she wanted to work differently – on her own terms. Her question – what shall I do for my encore? What is my purpose at this point in my life? Spiritually Empowered Success

Ms J – was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated in a relationship where she seemed to be doing more than her share of the emotional work. Her boyfriend, apparently damaged by a difficult divorce, was not stepping up to meet her expectations for a mature and mutually supportive relationship. Her question – should she cut her losses or stick it out until he had stopped licking his wounds? Spiritually Empowered Relationships/Spiritually Empowered Woman

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