Awakening Coaching


Awakening Coaching is a powerful, deep and unique approach to life and leadership coaching.

You will experience a deep well of inner peace, which lies beyond thoughts and emotions. Awakening Coaching incorporates mindfulness and quantum tools for change.

Awakening Coaching can support your journey to a new chapter in life, lived from a foundation of authentic personal power and presence.

Hello and Welcome

CathyI’m Cathy Rowan.

I look forward to speaking with you personally if what I say resonates with you.

Is this you?

My clients are at the threshold of a new phase in life. Their circumstances have changed or, are about to.

They may be leaving the corporate world for retirement, self-employment or both. Their children may be growing up and leaving home. They may have divorced recently or they may be moving into a new relationship, having been single for some time.

Some of my clients have had an awakening experience that has demanded changes in outer life.

Whatever the case, the women and men that I work with are in transition. They long for the next phase of their life to be satisfying, as they serve others and leave a legacy.

What Is Not Yet Known

As your ‘old life’ starts to break down or, you start to anticipate change, a fertile space of possibility and potential becomes available to you.

This may feel exciting. It may also feel unstable and uncertain. Stepping from the known to the unknown triggers insecurity.

As old vulnerabilities come to the surface, in the form of doubt and confusion, you may find yourself procrastinating. At times when you feel secretly resentful or frustrated, you may find yourself acting impulsively.

Any swing from one extreme to another can be sabotaging and does not address the underlying obstacles that may not be known to you yet.

Awakening Coaching will lead to new strategies that continue to serve you after your coaching programme has ended.

Click here for videos on the subject of ‘I’m not ready yet’.

Coaching keeps the creative, potent space open

dreamstime_xs_26474796My job is to keep the creative, potent space of change open for you. There is so much magic and possibility available as soon as you take responsibility and set a clear intent.

I provide both the necessary challenge and the essential support you need to move forward to a successful outcome.

I look forward to hearing your story.

Transform sabotage to success. Contact me to arrange a free of charge Exploratory Session to discuss whether I am the right coach for you and whether the right time is now.

Wisdom and Authentic Presence

Wise leaders are so needed.

However, in these changing times, neither you, nor I, can rely on what has worked for us in the past.

It’s time to cast off old identities and offer from a heartfelt foundation of authentic presence.

Be Coached

Given your psychological maturity, I know that you’ve developed a detector for ‘hype’ and unsubstantiated promises. You will probably have a sophisticated approach to assessing who to work with.

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