Reclaim passion, purpose and power. Embrace life’s Third Age. Create the legacy you’d love to leave.

You are not too old.

It is not too late.

This is not ‘all there is.’

You have not ‘missed the boat.’

It’s time to tell your story.

It’s time to be heard and understood.

It’s time to honour your deepest longings.

It’s time to consider your legacy.

It’s time to heal old wounds.

It’s time to restore or discover your creativity.

It’s time to be the person you were meant to be.

Hello, my name is Cathy Rowan. I’m a ‘Silverpreneur’, Third Age coach, guide and teacher.

Contact me to arrange a free of charge Exploratory Session during which we will discuss your concerns, uncover hidden challenges and work out whether the time is right for us to work together.

Read more detail about my ‘third age’ programmes on the Awakening Coaching page.

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My geographical location is Farnham, Surrey, UK. Coaching consultations are usually via Skype or Zoom so location is not a limitation. I offer sessions at times to suit most time zones.