Awakening Coaching


Awakening Coaching is a powerful, deep and unique approach to transformational coaching.

Putting life and leadership issues into an awakening context leads to new perspectives, inspired solutions and more authentic expressions of personal power.

My approach includes both life and leadership coaching plus spiritual mentoring. I am a guide through periods of change and transition.

Whatever your specific objectives, I aim for you to be in touch with, and moving towards, alignment with your soul callings. My holistic approach includes healing of loss of connection to sacred wisdom. Leadership from this perspective engages the heart, as well as the mind, and upholds integrity.

I invite you to book a free of charge Exploratory Session. I will guide you to a new vantage point from which you will have a better understanding of the path ahead. As a result you will feel confident and inspired to uncover and tackle hidden challenges.

Hello and Welcome

CathyI’m Cathy Rowan.

I’ve been a personal development specialist throughout my career.

My story includes both corporate experience and self employment. I’ve also been a mother, a yogini and a deep explorer of ancient wisdom and mystery traditions.

I just may be the unusual guide, with the depth, breadth of knowledge and spiritual understanding, that you have been trying to find.

Contact me to arrange a free of charge Exploratory Session to experience how Awakening Coaching can help you.

Awakening Coaching

My clients are people that value personal growth and enjoy my sane, grounded but spiritual, approach. Some clients also work in the coaching, consulting or healing fields. Others are creative leaders or managers of teams. A few have experienced spiritual awakenings. Most are interested in mindfulness, meditation and/or quantum tools for change.

What they tend to have in common is that they have recently experienced some sort of shift. It may have been new insight and realisations about themselves or about some aspect of their life situation. Illusions are breaking and as a result they may be feeling out of sync in their personal or work relationships, especially in environments where their values are not shared or respected.

If this is you, let’s have a chat. Honour your impulse for growth and change. Speak of your hopes, dreams, passions, frustrations, disappointments and misunderstandings.

Given your psychological maturity, I know that you’ve developed a detector for ‘hype’ and unsubstantiated promises. You will probably have a sophisticated approach to assessing who to work with.

You can confirm my pedigree on my about page.

Read more detail about my programmes on the coaching services page.

I look forward to hearing your story.

My geographical location is Farnham, Surrey, UK. Coaching consultations are usually via Skype or Zoom so location is not a limitation. I offer sessions at times to suit most time zones.